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Books and Short Stories

Storm on Savage Moungain Cover

By Jo Donaldson

Storm on Savage Mountain is a coming of age novel about an almost fifteen-year-old, Crissy Patrick, who is still uncomfortable with her father’s new family, but finds herself responsible for the safety of her four young step siblings during a killer blizzard in the last year of the 20th century.


Challenges abound for the youngsters while stranded on their mountaintop farm. With their parents unable to get home, the children struggle to survive and save their farm animals, realizing they must work together. Can this family survive the 20th century?


By Jo Donaldson

Fourteen-year-old Caitlyn McTeer works to save an historic train station threatened by a large developer and an arsonist. Assisted by the ghost of her great-grandfather, her young nephew and her friend Sara, she helps raise funds for the station’s operation as a museum and tourist attraction, and helps protect the building from the arsonist.Danger continues to threaten as the train station's centennial anniversary approaches. Because of her personal connection to the famous building, she has the opportunity to make a difference in her community and in her family, and still have fun.


By Jo Donaldson

Poems and stories from Jo Donaldson, who lived on Backbone Mountain, worked in Oakland and McHenry, and traveled throughout Garrett County as a reporter. The mountains and people of Western Maryland became part of her heart, mind, and soul.

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