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Mark Willen's Hawke Books

I recently read and enjoyed all three of the Jonas Hawke books written by Mark Willen.

The main character is a retired lawyer, recovering alcoholic and family man. He lives in the small town of Beacon Junction. Despite wanting a quiet life, he finds himself involved in various high-stakes investigations and needing to make choices.

Hawke changes some throughout the books. His believable characters range from a from young boy and his father who are new in town, through his family members and friends. No one is perfect.

In Hawke’s Point there are serious questions about a new heart stent that may save lives. Reluctant to get involved, Jonas Hawke finds he can’t ignore the questions, especially since his best friend died after receiving the stent.

In Hawke’s Return Jonas is asked to check on a local charity. He finds that a teenager has accused a keyhole official of blackmailing her for sex. When the girl disappears, there are concerns for her safety. The scandal may affect the charity’s survival as well as the reputation of a man who insists he is innocent.

Hawke’s Discovery revolves around an anonymous tip to a newspaper reporter that threatens a gubernatorial candidate. It is interesting to read and see how he and others make decisions that change their lives.

I am looking forward to reading Mark Willen’s recent novel. A political thriller, was just published in 2021.

The main character in The Question is Murder is a newspaper columnist in Washington DC. He knows journalists shouldn’t get involved, but finds himself helping a mysterious young woman who asks “Can murder ever be justified?”

Mark Willen was a journalist and has struggled with many of the same problems his characters face. Reporters and lawyers worry about how much information they should reveal. Truth, justice and ethics play a large part in making decisions. Deciding what to do is even more difficult when family is involved.

As a former reporter, I sometimes struggled with my personal feelings. A reporter’s duty is to present the facts, not to judge. It isn’t always easy.

Mark is a member of Maryland Writer’s Association. He has a Master of Arts from Johns Hopkins University and a BA in government from Dartmouth College. He also is a graduate level teacher of journalism ethics.

His website is He also has a blog at www.Talking

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